HELIOS the Sun Conure!

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HELIOS the Sun Conure!, originally uploaded by pandoraice.

New member of the family!!

Bath Time with the Flock

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Bath time in our household is pretty fun... if you enjoy being splashed!! The three green cheek conures all love to take baths, especially when it is hot. Gizmo never turns down a bath, West will usually take one, and Tweak usually turns them down but will occasionally take one. They have a little plastic tub they take a bath in. It is actually a ferret litter box- but I don't tell them that! It is the perfect depth and fits into the sink. Here is some MEDIA of Bath Time!!

West Bath:
West loves to take a bath West action shot - bath time West likes to bathe in a cup West loves bath time

Gizmo Bath:
Gizmo chillin' by the "pool" Gizmo enjoying the water Gizmo enjoying his bath Gizmo and Tweak bath

Tweak Bath:
Tweak taking a bath Tweak swimming Tweak gazing into the water Tweak taking a bath

Gizmo in "Whoo-Hoo! Bath Time!" Video

New Photos of Gizmo & Tweak on Flickr

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Uploaded New Photos to Flickr! (Note: All photos taken 06/24/09)

Tweaky Claw!
Tweaky Claw

Gizmo eating some corn and making a funny pose!
Gizmo eating corn

Gizmo praying for more nuggets?
Gizmo praying for more nuggets?

Gizmo: What does that button do?
Gizmo: Hey, what does that button do?
And my favorite of this batch....

Gizmo: Muahahahahaha!
Gizmo: Muahahahaha

View more pictures of the birds on Flickr.
"My Birds" Collection

New Blog

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Miss Huzzah picked out a pretty template for the blog and then immediately went back to bed. The Flock likes to nap while the humans are at work. :)