Two babies hatched.... four more to go!

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And then there were TWO..., originally uploaded by pandoraice.

First one hatched: 02/19 (Between 2:00pm - 6:00pm)
Second baby hatched: 02/21 (Between 12am - 9:30am)

They are making little "peeps" - how cute!!

It isn't too easy to check on them as Miss Tweak guards them!
I laughed yesterday because Tweak actually came out for longer than a minute, and I noticed Gizmo was in there guarding them while she was gone! He is being such a good boy, I am so proud of him.
I imagine they will hatch 2 days apart, so another one should hatch tomorrow.

A Picture of Tweak's Beautiful 6 Eggs

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Tweak's 6 Beautiful Eggs, originally uploaded by pandoraice.

Taken on: 02/12/2010

Update: SIX EGGS!!!

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Update: SIX EGGS!!!, originally uploaded by pandoraice.

She laid Egg 6 on 02/08 (Between midnight - 6:00pm)

Average clutch size is 4-6, but some have been known to lay up to 8! I am hoping she is done and okay with 6 since this is her first clutch! She is going to have her claws full!!

Update: FIVE EGGS!!!

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Update: FIVE EGGS!!!, originally uploaded by pandoraice.

She laid EGG 5 on 02/06 (Between midnight - 5:00pm)

Update: FOUR Eggs!!!

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Update: FOUR Eggs!!!, originally uploaded by pandoraice.

Miss Tweak laid her fourth egg on Wednesday morning - between midnight & 8:30am. (That seems to be her favorite time!)
She hasn't laid a fifth one yet... I think she may be stopping at four!

Update: Tweak now has THREE EGGS!

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Update: THREE EGGS!, originally uploaded by pandoraice.

Just another update! Tweak now has 3 eggs. She is sitting pretty tightly on them now and only comes out to grab some quick food and then she runs back to the nest in less than a minute. Her belly looked pretty big last night so I had a feeling there would be another one this morning! She laid this one sometime between 11:30 last night and 8:20am this morning- same period of time when she laid her first one.
Now taking bets on how many you think she will have! LOL
(Hint: Average clutch size of a green cheek conure is 4 - 6 eggs, but there have been some to lay 8) I am hoping more for 4 than 6! The less she has the more healthy I think they would be.

Update: TWO Eggs!

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Update: TWO Eggs!, originally uploaded by pandoraice.

Tweak now has 2 eggs- her second one was laid sometime Friday (01-29) between 2:00pm-6:30pm